Rural Broadband

4G Installation – Struggling with poor broadband reception? Not a problem with a Broadband 4G Installation!

To receive your 4G broadband installation at your property, we fit a small antenna to the exterior of your property.

This antenna will then link straight into your new 4G wireless router. Due to the fact that we are bringing in the signal from outside of your property this means even if you are not able to get 4G on your mobile phones, the shack will still have you covered with a fast internet connection.

We have a range of different antennas and 4G routers for every different type of installation. We are able to provide great advice over the phone using our tools to survey your property. This means less time wasted on the day for our installer and also saving you money.

4G LTE Router

We are always looking at the market to make sure that we provide all of our customers with best quality hardware at the right price.

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