Get the best choice of voice and data structured cabling systems

Structured cabling is defined as building or campus cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardised smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems. Structured cabling components include twisted pair and optical cablingpatch panels and patch cables, and Communications Cabinets.

Up to 80% of all network problems can be attributed to inadequate or poorly installed cabling making it essential that installations are carried out to correctly and to the highest standard, fully tested and documented by experienced and certified installers.

Secure, fast and reliable WiFi for everyone

We are specialists in deploying end-to-end Wi-Fi solutions, from small retail outlets to large multi-site global corporates. Our services include:

  • consultation on requirements and current challenges
  • surveying your site to assess the best locations for Access Points
  • installing additional structured cabling where required
  • configuring, deploying and testing the Wi-Fi access points
  • on-going optimisation and maintenance the Wi-Fi system.

We can also provide you with competitive high-speed Internet Connectivity (Ethernet leased line, FTTC, ADSL and/or 4G)

We will work closely with you to determine the best Wi-Fi solution for you, ensuring its competitive and meets all of your requirements

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